Post-AlgoMech Survey
Thank you for coming to the first AlgoMech festival! We are really happy with the response so far and are already planning a return in 2017.
Please take a couple of minutes to answer the survey, and help us shape the next stages!
No need to be positive, all feedback much appreciated. Most questions are optional.
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Which events did you attend?

The most important question right here!
Please share your thoughts about the festival and/or particular events within it: *

For example:
What did you enjoy about them? What didn't work for you?
At this point, what does "algorithmic and mechanical movement" mean to you?
Overall, how much did you enjoy the festival events you attended?

What's your top suggestion (or suggestions) for next time?

E.g. what we could do, who we should invite..
How did you hear about the festival?

We would like the festival to be as inclusive as possible. Did you decide not to join any events because they were too expensive, or because you had other access concerns such as disability? If so, please say which event and what we might do to improve access:

Finally, tell us a little about yourself...

What is your gender?

How old are you?

Who did you come to the festival with?

Please share your full postcode/zip code (with country of origin if not UK)

Please supply the full postcode, to help us understand where people travel from.
Are you OK with us sharing some fully anonymised information with the British Science Festivals Network? *

This would just be the two answers above - your postcode/zipcode and "who you travelled with" where supplied. We are a member of the network and sharing this information helps us understand each other's festivals and gain funding support.
Any more comments?

Be sure to include contact details if you'd like us to get back to you on anything.
That's it! Thanks very much for your feedback, much appreciated + hope to see you next year.

We are uploading video of the event to our youtube channel, which you can subscribe to here:

Feel free to also follow us on facebook ( or twitter ( Thanks!

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